Click Start Button

Click on the Start button to see the animated slideshow.
Than you will see magic arrows at the bottom to navigate through the slideshow.

  • Record

    While AudioKeep is recording it is filling up a 20 minute continuous audio buffer, at the top of this screen you can see how many minues and seconds have been saved into the buffer. You can choose to save as many minutes as you want from this buffer at any time by selecting the number of minutes to save from the scrolling selector and pressing the 'SAVE' button. If you have autosave turned on, this screen will also show you when your next auto save will occur. You can also see from this screen how much potential space there is left on your iPhone that can be used by AudioKeep.

  • Play List

    Choose play from the tab list at the bottom of the screen and you will see a list of all of your Recordings. Each recording will show the date and time it was saved and how long the recording is. If you select a recording you will be taken to the play back screen where you will be able to listen to the recording amongst other things. Press the forward arrow to learn more about the play back screen.

    Play List
  • Play back

    The play back screen shows a waveform representation of your recording and allows you to play back a recording by pressing the play button. You can also move to a different part of the recording by dragging the play position indicator. The name, saved date and time and the length of the recording are also shown. From this screen you can also email this recording, delete the recording or copy this recording to your iCloud drive. When copying a recording to your iCloud drive a copy of the recording will also remain in the the AudioKeep app.

    Play back
  • Settings

    On the settings page you can choose to enable 'auto save every 10 minutes'. When this option is switched on AudioKeep will automatically save the last 10 minutes of buffered audio, and will continue to do this until the option is switched off. On the recording page you can see a count down showing when the next auto save is due to occur. The 'start recording on open' option allow you to choose whether AudioKeep will automatically start recording into the buffer as soon as you open the app.