Introducing AudioKeep

AudioKeep is an audio recording app that constantly listens in the background until you are ready to save what you have been listening to. If something interesting happened in the last 20 minutes then AudioKeep will have it ready for you to save, keep and share.

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AudioKeep can constantly listen in the background to your surroundings and conversations.

If you want to save what you just heard then you can ask the app to save the last few minutes (up to 20 mins).

You can also ask the app the save what it is listening to every 10 minutes so you never miss anything.

Screen 1

Once saved you can easily upload the file to iCloud or email it directly from the app.

Screen 2

20 Minute buffer size

20 minute continuous audio buffer. Plenty of time to capture important audio events.

Choose how long to save

Easily select how many minutes you want to save from the continuous audio buffer.

Upload to iCloud or Email

Upload your recordings to your iCloud Drive, or send them in an email.

Start Recording on Open

AudioKeep can start recording automatically as soon as you open the app.

Automatic Save

AudioKeep has an option to continue to automatically save the last 10 minutes of buffered audio.

Playback Audio

See your recordings as a waveform and play back your recording in the audio playback page.

Download on the

App Store

Use it for...Fun things

AudioKeep can be used to record fun things.

It could happen at any moment, AudioKeep can be listening and you can choose to save it.

Use it for...important things

AudioKeep can be used to record important things.

Even if you didnt know it was going to happen AudioKeep can record it.